Solarize Nehemiah is a campaign of Solarize NYC, New York City's exciting solar movement.

This solarize campaign is supported by Solarize NYC, a citywide program designed to further increase access to solar through community group purchasing led by the NYC Solar Partnership: Sustainable CUNY of the City University of New York, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Solarize Nehemiah is a campaign managed by Nehemiah Economic Development, Inc. (N.E.D)


What is Solarize NYC?

Solarize NYC is a local, community-led initiative that brings together groups of potential solar customers through outreach and education about installing solar on your roof. The Solarize NYC model helps customers choose solar installation companies that offer competitive, transparent pricing. Solarize NYC programs help bring community members together to purchase solar as a group. Purchasing together will help bring down the cost of solar installation for all participants. The typical Solarize model has three hallmarks:

  1. Competitive installer selection
  2. Community-led outreach and education
  3. Limited-time offer
Solarize campaigns reduce prices through competition, lower customer acquisition costs, and achieving economies of scale. Numerous variations on the Solarize model have emerged to allow room for creativity and innovation at a community-level.

Solarize Nehemiah

Solarize Nehemiah is a campaign managed by Nehemiah Economic Development, Inc. (N.E.D) to increase the number of solar powered homes in our Nehemiah community. Solar energy is more affordable than ever before, and NYC's high electricity rates and the generous city, state, and federal tax incentives for solar make this a great investment. To save even more money, join the Solarize Nehemiah campaign. We will negotiate discount bulk pricing with pre-vetted, qualified installation companies and make the process simple for you. This is a community campaign: the more neighbors sign up, the lower the price will be for everyone!

N.E.D is looking for Solar Pioneers who live in the community, ages 16-19, who will be trained to do outreach for Solarize Nehemiah. Please email for more information.

Solarize Nehemiah Campaign

Managed by Nehemiah Economic Development. See the map below to find out if you live inside the campaign area.